Investment Approach

Our investment objective for AmanahNZ is to increase the rate of average annual return to Scheme Members over the long-term, while complying with the confines of the Scheme’s Ethical Mandate. As Manager, our aim is to protect the value for all Scheme Members in times of volatility, while maximising gains in times of growth.

Our investment approach is based off the following principles:

  • We believe that financial markets are inefficient, and opportunities are available to add value through active management.

  • We believe that market prices of assets often differ from their fundamental value. Through active analysis of fundamental and macroeconomic factors these differences can be exploited by identifying undervalued investments which have strong business models that will produce positive future returns.

  • We consider having an Ethical Mandate, which restricts investing activities to permitted investments, as a method of providing transparency for Scheme Members and taking responsibility for how our investing affects society.

  • We believe that applying our Ethical Mandate mitigates investment risk by applying strict rules to the balance sheet analysis of our investments.

  • We believe that asset allocation and diversification are important tenets of the investment process, and consider that investment returns can be improved by having a strict monitoring and governance framework.

Our Investment Committee is responsible for investment decisions for AmanahNZ. The Investment Committee has the discretion to determine the portfolio composition and appropriate asset allocation for AmanahNZ based on the market conditions and our investment outlook.

A list of AmanahNZ's current investments is available here.